About us

As an artist, I work hard to create pieces that speak to families, especially mothers. Part of my process before I begin making a design is to find a unique way to create a new piece that a mother would be proud to wear or gift to someone else in her family. I want every piece to be loved by the person receiving it. I want it to be a constant reminder of what is important to them. To let them know they are loved and appreciated. 
I treasure the stories I hear from my customers. I cry with those that have lost someone. I celebrate with those who are adding to their family. I laugh with those who share their jokes. I am humbled to know that my jewelry can bring someone comfort in their time of grief. I am honored to make jewelry that honors your family or marks a special occasion. I am blessed to be a part of so many lives. 
I strive to make my jewelry represent what is important to you. I put my heart and soul into every piece that I make because I want you to truly cherish and enjoy it for years to come. Hand stamping creates one of a kind items as I line each letter up one by one and hammer them into the piece. This means that no two pieces will be exactly the same. The letters will not be aligned perfectly, the way a machine would place them, but that is what makes hand stamping so special. I pride myself on making the most beautiful piece I can for you, after all every piece tells a story - your story! 
How it began:
After I became a mother, my husband bought me the most beautiful mother and child necklace. When we added our second child to the family, I searched high and low for a mother’s necklace that I loved half as much that included two children. When our third child arrived I still hadn’t found a mother’s pendant that I loved for two children, let alone three.
Shortly after my third child was born, I was invited to participate in an adoption fundraiser. I clicked on the link and it brought me to a hand stamped necklace that would give my friends the proceeds to help bring their children home. It was love at first sight! I decided I needed everything. The necklaces could all be personalized and I couldn’t decide which one to buy.
I felt so drawn to the jewelry that I decided to invest in some supplies to see if it was something I could do myself. After spending lots of money and time, I made my first necklace. It was not as wonderful as I would have liked, but it was love. I was a stay at home mom and I desperately wanted to help contribute to our income. I thought I had found a way to use my creativity and bring in a little bit of extra spending money. I invested countless hours researching and learning.
I was ready to open a shop, but I needed a name for it. I decided to use a date that was really meaningful to me. My sister in law passed away way too soon, but her life was so very important. She inspired everyone around her to love with their whole heart and she constantly reminds me to live every minute as though it may be my last. I wanted to celebrate her life and remember how precious every minute is, so I chose her birthday, October 7th, as my shop’s inspiration. Thus, Ten Seven Designs was born.
Once I started getting sales, I would work into the wee hours of the morning while my baby slept. When our fourth child arrived, I was able to make the perfect mother’s pendant for myself! After a while, I became so busy that my husband quit his day job to help with our business. I never dreamed that the hunt for a family name necklace would lead to our family’s independence, but it did. I devoted myself to my craft 100%. I am so proud to be able to offer everyone affordable mother’s jewelry.